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Jessica (28) is a New Zealand based feminist artist. Shortly after graduating from the Elam School of Fine Arts in New Zealand, Jessica was nominated as a finalist for the NZ Emerging Artist Awards for 2018 for her photographic series ‘Performing Femininity’ 2018. Jessica has received much recognition for her work from members of the University, members of the public and participants of her various socially and politically charged projects. 
She has shown work across New Zealand and in Berlin, Germany. 

Jessica works with the construct of femininity through appearances and domestic spaces. Her spaces employ elements of liminality to examine ambivalence on feminine identity and transitional spaces. Her works are contextualised through feminist theories on femininity and domesticity.  

Her photographs and paintings continue make use of a feminine colour pallet and play with a somewhat fictional representation of real stories. Her works offer a reflection on domestic spaces (some may say ‘feminine spaces’) which is nostalgic and poignant. These often empty interiors aim to present a similar unease as her feminist photography to urge a conversation around the everyday thoughts and emotions relating to a young woman’s sense of space, appearance, femininity and feminism. 

Jessica also studies and is working towards becoming a registered psychologist in New Zealand. Her 2024 Masters Thesis will combine her academic and creative endeavours - so watch this space!

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