Opening August 4th

at Square Edge

Palmerston North


Donate or buy a digital PHOTo file! 

I have my first solo exhibition Liminal Femininity opening very soon! I have been waiting for this exhibition to happen for many years and am very excited to showcase my paintings in a space altogether. 

To help fund the exhibition I am accepting direct donations into this account: 03-1519-0003421-000 OR you can purchase a digital file of one of the two images below for $35.00 - then you can print the work and have it in your home, office, make a poster, gift to a friend etc. and get something in return for your support. 

To purchase a file please make the payment to 03-1519-0003421-000, with your name and title as a reference and send an email to jess.ashleymc@gmail.com and I'll send the file to you! If you are interested in another image from my photography collection, let me know. 

As per many things for creatives, showing work costs money, especially in exhibiting fees and artists are not paid to show their work. I feel very awkward asking for financial support, but any help is of great appreciation so that exhibiting my work is less of a stressor, and gives me some more freedom to keep making more work!